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Metal Cutting for Manufacturers

Cutting Metal To Size

Here at Steeltec we offer metal cutting services as a stand-alone service or as part of the customer's fabrication process. Some companies in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh markets such as steel distributors and processors will use us for a stand-alone service to shear sheets to a specific size and then send back out to their customer. Steel shearing has been a popular service that our company has provided over many years and we realize how important it is for our customers to get accurate and quick turnarounds from us.

An additional service we offer within our shearing is to handle your production runs. We have a great deal of experience cutting metal and truly enjoy the volumes in production. Often our customers will furnish us with purchase orders based on weekly or monthly requirements. This way we can target just in time deliveries to be made prior to their due dates. Our customers can set it and forget it. We will cut to size, package, stock and ship your metal blanks as needed.

The First Operation in Fabricating

At the core of most of our metal fabrication work is the process of cutting the material to size. Shearing metal accurately in the beginning is critical to ensuring the parts will move through the plant without any problems. Depending on thickness, we typically hold tolerances of +/-.060" on most materials and even have products that require +/-.010" tolerances for extremely critical, lighter gauge items. We are capable of re-squaring, width only cuts and taper cuts depending on the requirement. Once your parts are cut to size and inspected they will then move on to the next operation in the fabrication process.

Size is an Advantage...

At Steeltec we can shear metal up to and over 16' (192") lengths. Our operations include a 16' Cincinnati Hydraulic Shear with 3/8" capacity as well as a 10' Cincinnati Mechanical Shear with 1/4" capacity. By having the metal cutting ability to shear longer lengths we are able to perform more fabrications in house without relying on outside help for some our our larger work.

With overhead cranes located above each shear we have the ability to handle large sheets of steel that can go as wide as 96" or as long as 240".

Types of Steel

We can work with a variety of metals in our shear department. We are very experienced in cutting stainless steel, aluminum, sheet metal, galvanized and expanded metals too. We provide close tolerance shearing of stainless steel sheets for manufacturers in the appliance, nuclear, and food equipment industries as an example. Other jobs typically range from 26 gauge to 3/8" thicknesses. We typically see orders for all kinds of finished sizes ranging anywhere from 12" x 12" blanks to 60" x 192" sheets.

The next time you need metal cutting for a job, feel free to inquire with Steeltec to see if we can help. We work with steel suppliers and manufacturers across Ohio and surrounding states so that we can be a valuable solution for you and your customers.

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