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Metal Fabrication for Trucks and Trailers

Aluminum Corner Panels

At Steeltec our fabrication shop is conveniently located in Cleveland, Ohio close to dozens of manufacturers for truck bodies, dump bodies and trailers. Our facility is nicely equipped to service these companies with the capabilities to handle plate fabrication or accurate sheet metal work. For years we have provided various metal fabrication parts for the heavy truck and trailer industry throughout the mid-west. We work directly and sometimes through the suppliers of these manufacturers to provide timely parts for their operations. Let's take a look at some of the fabrications we help make for the trucking industry.

Corner Panels

Aluminum corner panels can be cut to size and then formed in our cnc press brakes. These parts typically get offset and then formed with a neoprene covered radius die punch producing a nice looking corner. Various panels will also get holes for mounting which are punched in our CNC Turret punches. We work with stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum diamond tread steel for most of our customers parts.

Upright Channels

Often made from .25" thick steel these are more rugged and heavy duty for support in the trucks. We run parts like this through our big shears and then cnc punch and form the channels into our customers specifications. Channels like these will typically get checked with a 'go/no go' gauge to assure proper clearances are held.

Stainless Steel Side Rails

Stainless Steel Rails

Here's another sample of a typical production run of stainless steel rails. This item is a little more complex with the metal forming detail, however still a very manageable part for our 6-axis CNC press brakes. Parts like this can range can from 48" to 120".

Truck Crossmembers

Truck Crossmember

Made from .25" high strength steel this part is typically laser cut, formed and prime painted. Custom made per manufacturers prints.

Aluminum Side Bodies

Trailer Side Panels

Some of our customers just need their parts cut to size. In this case we will cut your material into a specific size on our 16' or 10' shear. Here we cut 3/16" aluminum sheets that are 15' long for a large truck manufacturer used in the side walls of the truck.

A second operation that is often needed with aluminum side panels is production punching along the sides of the panel. We can run the complete operation from shearing to size, punching the mounting holes and forming an offset if needed.

Metal Brackets

We are capable of making many standard or custom metal brackets for the trucking industry. From prototype all the way to production levels is not a problem for us. We are also capable of heavy duty truck brackets and braces that are up to 1/2" thick. Product parts can be laser cut, formed and painted to customer's specifications.


Our customers have a wide range of requirements when it comes to steps. We work with perforated metals, non-slip materials and can even punch special treads in our cnc punches to make a manufacturers specific step. Steps will often be made in house by cutting/punching, then forming and welding to the customers specs. We will also supply the fabricated side rails or handles that will sometimes get welded to a 2 or 3 step fabrication for a completed part.

These are just a sample of items that we can help with but we have also produced bumpers, drain pans, roof panels and more. We believe that by being located in Cleveland we are close to many steel suppliers and can be very competitive for truck manufacturers throughout the surrounding states. It is our goal that our metal fabrication operations can be a valuable asset to manufacturers looking for timely deliveries on their production parts.

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