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Accurate Metal Forming with Steeltec

Steeltec Products is equipped with seven press brakes to handle all of your metal bending needs. We take pride in producing quality formed metal parts for our customers in a variety of industries. Our operations allow us to use different machines to match the needs of our customers. We have larger press brakes that go up to 20' lengths to handle our larger requests. But we also have higher end 6-axis cnc press brakes for parts that require high accuracy bending and multiple bend degrees. We'll highlight a few of the types of jobs we come across for our customers throughout the Cleveland area and around Ohio/Pennsylvania.

Small Parts Metal Forming

Just like you see below we make hundreds of different small sheet metal parts for our customers. Custom metal brackets, L-brackets, small channels and support clips are a small sample of what we can make daily. These are often easy parts to run and can be turned around very quickly for manufacturers needing something quick. We also add painting for customers that want finished parts.

Accurate Sheet Metal Forming

We handle a variety of requests for forming metal parts. As a fabricator we see a demand for mid-sized fabrication work that consist of parts between 48"-120" long. Our customers need items made such as steel panels, enclosures, doors, covers, etc. that fit perfectly with our 6-axis CNC Press Brakes. These press brakes make it simple to work with variable degree bends and ensure very accurate custom parts. We work with all materials including sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized sheets. To see more on mid-size fabrication work just visit our photos page.

Basic Steel Angles and Channels

At Steeltec we do work with structural angles and channels for our customers but our core is in forming steel angles and channels to size. Basic 90 degree angles or different degree layouts are common. Many customers request holes or slots which is no problem to add prior to forming. Basic steel channels, c-channels and z-sections are commonly ordered in all sizes and lengths.

Custom Forming

The variety of our press brakes really help us when it comes to custom metal forming. By having such a wide range of options we almost always have a solution for our customer's needs. We can work with a lot of different shapes and sizes for parts, even up to 20' lengths. It's always worth checking with us to see if we are capable to form it. Usually if we can't, we can help steer our customers to someone else or decide what would be the best solution for their part.

Larger Steel Forming Requirements

We always remind our customers that Steeltec has the brake presses to handle longer forming too. We have multiple press brakes that can form 18-20' lengths and have tonnages up to 500 tons. Once you get over 14', there seem to be fewer fabricators that can handle the job. This is an area where Steeltec has a lot of experience and can help manage your parts. See more on large fabrication in our last post.

Hopefully we can help look at your next project or work with your existing metal parts that need forming. We are working daily to help our customers make fast deliveries with a competitive price.

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