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Large Metal Fabrication with Steeltec

Large Sheet Metal Channels

Having the capability to take on a large metal fabrication project has always been a strength for Steeltec Products. From the time our company opened we have strongly believed in going a little bigger than the rest of the metal fabricators out there. We looked for a mix of fabrication equipment that would satisfy more of our customers needs. Whether it was starting with a 16' shear or adding metal forming press brakes up to 20' lengths, we always figured the benefits would outweigh the risk.

Many of our customers in Cleveland and throughout the Ohio/Pennsylvania areas still use our services to get their longer sheet metal parts fabricated quickly. Some of the more typical items we see here are various steel channels, steel angles, panels, steel walkways and numerous weldments that are in the 12'-20' range. We have worked with dozens of industries and often will produce custom work for manufacturers who need metal parts made over 10' lengths.

Some of the industries that have recurring needs for larger fabrication parts are truck and trailer, material handling, construction equipment, solar, conveyor, locomotive and nuclear to name a few. That list continues to grow as we are amazed at the larger fabrication work that we see.

Fabrication Equipment is Key

With shears up to 16' we can provide custom shearing services to companies that need metal cutting to size. We have customers from Michigan to New Jersey who get their metals cut to size here and then shipped out to their regional customers. Some may need a simple trim from one side or others need us to resquare all four sides to produce a close tolerance, finished blank. The shears also play a big part in our full service fabrications as they are capable of cutting 24 gauge through 1/4" plate and generally get everything started in the fab process.

Cutting Metal to 16' Lengths

Our metal forming capabilities are a key component to our operations. Some of our larger press brakes have been very helpful for serving regional manufacturers.

We carry a mixture of CNC 6-Axis hydraulic press brakes to larger mechanical Cincinnati brakes. Not only are our press brakes capable of plate and sheet metal forming up to 20' lengths, but they also have tonnage in the 90-500 ton range. This tonnage allows us to form metals with heavier thicknesses if needed.

Form Steel To 20' Long

When your parts need holes, slots, cut outs or dimples we can run them through our CNC Turret punch presses which can handle sheets 60" wide x 200" long. The turret punches go up to 3/16" thicknesses on mild steel and are extremely accurate at running parts in production. The cnc punches give us an alternative to laser cutting with better production speed on certain parts, the ability to run longer lengths (20' and longer sometimes) and the ability to use special tooling like tread dimples or raised cutouts.

Punching Steel Panel to 18' Long

Larger weldments are another part of fabrication that can be difficult if you do not have the right set up. These types of weldments need space and overhead cranes to do the job safely. We perform a lot of welding on items such as rails, walkways, tanks, shaker tables, steps, etc. that fit well in our welding department. We weld anything from 16 gauge nozzles that are 192" long to 1/4" thick steel troughs ranging to 20' lengths.

Steel Weldments at Steeltec

Manufacturing facility

Finally, you cannot take on larger projects and fabrications without the space. We are fortunate to have plenty of it. Our 150,000 sq foot building is reminiscent of many Cleveland area manufacturing buildings as they were truly built for manufacturers back then. We have plenty of floor space and work areas with overhead cranes. Our facility really gives us the space we need to fabricate and handle these larger parts. We have been able to take on some bigger projects that allow us to keep large work in process flows as well as storing parts for shipments.

Large Fabrications at Steeltec Products

Although Steeltec Products is possibly better known as a mid-sized sheet metal fabricator, we have extensive experience with some of the bigger requirements too. We are always available to help companies like yours with your larger metal fabrication project needs.

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